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Planning Your Wedding to Perfection

Planning Your Wedding to Perfection

Some couples need a lot of time for planning their wedding, while others can solve it out only in just a few days. It’s a miracle, indeed, but you can also do it with just a few tips and tricks. Here’s what you should think about and start writing down (aka making the great checklist that everyone talks about).

The Budget
The budget will be essential for making the wedding and planning the honeymoon. It’s about the places that you can afford, no matter if it’s about the wedding reception or the holiday you plan to take with your spouse. You can choose to go right after the wedding if you can afford it, or you can postpone it for at least a year and save enough to go where you’ve always dreamt.

Try this wedding budget calculator.

Booking the Location
If you don’t have a wedding planner, you need to talk with your spouse and see what options you have. There are many restaurants and hotels that have ballrooms ready for such events. However, booking one should be done in advance with at least a few months. Choose something you like and ask them about pricing – it’s known that some will apply a discount if you book with them a few months before.

The Menu
While checking out the location, also ask about the menu. The restaurants have pre-set menus for a wedding, but you can ask them to cook something that you like or to make a different menu. When you’ll see the presentation of the location, they will also show you and let you taste the menu that can be prepared.

If the food might be simple to choose, pay attention to the cake, as it will be the center of the menu.

The Decor
It’s not always simple to choose the right décor. Some restaurants don’t have what it takes for organizing a wedding while calling for a professional décor event company can empty your wallet. If you’re not sure about something, choose a simple décor design, with light colors and flower arrangements. You don’t need a very opulent décor to have a great reception – a simple décor based only on light tones and color spots from the flowers will be more elegant than anything else.

Thematic Wedding
It’s a trend now to have a thematic wedding, so if there’s something you both like in particular, you can transform it into the theme of your reception. Let the guests know that they’ll have to respect your desire. If you need professional help, a wedding planner will surely be able to deliver the thematic wedding that you dream about.

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